Developer Solutions

neXva understands the pain points developers experience. We're developers too. Understanding the significant challenges of the app ecosystem, we have created tools that help developers gain traction for their hard work and, better yet, monetize their efforts. Want to join us in our journey? Go to

Multi-market distribution

Partnering with neXva, developers have an opportunity to get their content in new and different branded app stores emerging around the world. With our publish once distribute broadly program, app developers who work with neXva can be in as many (or as few) of our app stores around the world as they want. Click here to sign up as a neXva developer and start gaining new distribution opportunities.

We help developers get noticed in the markets where they want more traction. Using our advertising campaigns developers can choose to be featured in the app stores of their choice to get more downloads for their apps.

To expand these opportunities we now offer advertising and download campaigns for our developers even in markets where we don't have an active app store. We drive traffic directly to a neXva branded page that promotes the developer's content. Click here for more information about our promotion opportunities.


neXpayer™ is a unique API created by neXva that enables developers to get in-app and subscription monetization of their apps through mobile money transactions. neXpayer™ is easy to insert into an app and, with one modified apk, enables in app billing capabilities in all neXva managed app stores. Learn more about neXpayer™ by clicking here.


neXlinker™ is a direct delivery tool that allows developers to create a badge containing a QR code, short URL and direct link to drive customers directly to a developer's app. It's easy to create a neXlinker™ once you sign up as a neXva developer and upload your content. neXlinker™ is used by operators to run marketing campaigns for apps in their store and by developers for their direct promotion of their apps.

Learn more about neXlinker™ by clicking here.