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The app store ecosystem fails nearly everyone and certainly those who don't possess credit cards. neXva's founders saw this an the opportunity to shift the paradigm and create something new and different to fix these problems and offer exciting new opportunities to access and distribute mobile apps.

The neXva cloud based ecosystem provides a fully flexible and unique opportunity to offer localized apps that are tailored for each of our markets. Customers are no longer overwhelmed with millions of apps that aren't relevant to them and developers finally have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Better yet, using neXva's unique neXpayer™ solution those billions of people who don't have credit cards can finally purchase apps and make in-app purchases using their mobile money accounts.

neXva is led by a seasoned team with years of experience delivering unique solutions to the mobile industry.

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neXva's offerings

App stores for Mobile Operators

App Stores for Mobile Operators

Mobile operators for the most part have been totally shut out of the app ecosystem. neXva's flexible cloud based hosted and managed solution provides an easy way for mobile operators to extend their brand and offer relevant content to their customers.

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App stores for OEMs and verticals

App Stores for Verticals and OEMs

The flexibility of the neXva app store platform is perfectly suited for verticals and OEMs to have their own branded app store where customers can find curated and relevant content.

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Outreach and Curation solutions

Outreach and Curation solutions

We recognize that every market is different and there's no "one size fits all" solution to app catalogues. For that reason, each neXva app store catalogue is built from the ground up. We have an in-house team that deals directly with thousands of app developers to bring the best local and international content into each store. Additionally, we work extensively with our partners to encourage local developer talent to shine.

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Distribution and billing solutions for developers

Distribution and Billing Solutions

neXva understands the pain points developers experience. We created tools that help developers gain traction for their hard work and, better yet, monetize their efforts.

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Discover, download, install, update, manage and uninstall apps in one place.


Get massive quality and trustworthy apps, official and secure guaranteed.


Always stay notified with timely and latest app updates.


Marketing Apps and services help drive traffic, manage your SEO, sell on new channels, and promote your products.

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